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NARM Faculty

NARM Master Practitioners are those who have completed additional training and have satisfactorily presented a clinical case to the NARM faculty.

NARM Teaching Team are certified NARM practitioners who have been selected to assist at NARM trainings.

NARM Certified Practitioners have completed all training requirements which include: 144 class training hours, eight hours of personal sessions and eight hours of case consultation.

Heller and Associates cannot make assurances any practitioner would be suitable for the needs of a particular individual,
nor does NARM certification imply clinical competence. Users of this list understand and agree that Heller and Associates are
neither liable nor responsible for any actions of those using or choosing to be listed below.


The NeuroAffective Relational Model™

Certified NARM Practitioners - USA, Mexico, and Canada















NARM Faculty  
  Laurence Heller, PhD
Los Angeles, CA USA
  Stefanie Klein, LCSW
(Faculty in training)
Los Angeles, CA USA
Ph: 310-204-5550
  Brad J Kammer, MA, MFT, LPCC, SEP
Ukiah, CA USA
Ph: 707-462-2133

NARM Master Practitioners  
  Stefanie Klein, LCSW
Los Angeles, CA USA
Ph: 310-204-5550
Julie Yau, Ph.D., SEP
Laguna Beach, CA USA

NARM Teaching Team (Certified Practitioners)  
Joanne Barron, Psy.D.
Los Angeles, CA USA
Marcia Black, Ph.D.
San Francisco, CA USA
Lynne Friedman-Gell, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, CA USA
Shirley Impellizzeri, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, CA USA
Brad J Kammer, MA, MFT, LPCC, SEP
Ukiah, CA USA
Tara Kelly, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, CA USA
Michael Shiffman, Ph.D., SEP
Los Angeles, CA USA
Neal Winblad, MFT, SEP
Pleasanton, CA USA
Sherri Sharkins, MA, SEP
Prescott AZ & Sedona AZ, USA
NARM Certified Practitioners California
Roman Blueskyes MFT SEP
Los Angeles, CA USA
Dawn A. Averitt, LMT, SEP, RPS
San Rafael, CA USA
Ellen Byrne, CMT, SEP
Palo Alto and Los Gatos, CA, USA
Lela Carney, LAc, SEP
Santa Cruz, CA USA
Leslee Cook, MFT, SEP
Topanga, CA USA
Jamal Granick, Ph.D., LMFT
Albany/Berkeley & Palo Alto, CA USA
Maria Gray, LMFT
Los Angeles, CA USA
Suzie Gruber, MA, SEP
Sebastopol, CA USA
Trish Haight MFT, SEP, CSAT, CCPS
Los Angeles, CA USA
Larry Kessler, MA
Long Beach, CA USA
Carol LaDue, CMT, SEP
Oakland and Calistoga, CA
Jane Lazar, SEP
Berkeley, CA, USA
Larry Levi, MFT, SEP
Los Angeles, CA USA
Mariam Ruth McGinnis, Ph.D., SEP
Pt. Richmond, CA USA
Kathryn Pallakoff, SEP, Certified Rolf Method
Los Angeles, CA USA
Karin Robbins, LCSW, SEP
Santa Cruz, CA USA
Ned Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Santa Monica & Pasadena, CA USA
Jeffrey Schmidt, BA
Sebastopol CA, USA
Barbara Stafford, SEP
Santa Rosa, CA USA
Carolyn Standish, SEP
Los Angeles, CA USA
Stephanie Stolte, BA, SEP, Certified Rolfer
Modesto, CA USA
Kay Wilder, LMFT
Santa Cruz, CA USA
Nazila Zamani, Psy.D., SEP
Los Angeles, CA USA
NARM Certified Practitioners New York
Loren Anne Smith, J.D., LMFT
New York, NY USA
NARM Certified Practitioners Arizona
Lola Craer, Psy.D., L.P.
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
NARM Certified Practitioners Nevada
Christine Lane, MFT
Reno, Nevada, USA
NARM Certified Practitioners Michigan
James Doherty, Ph.D.
Grand Rapids, MI USA
Ph: 616-464-1747 ext 2
NARM Certified Practitioners Hawaii
Rob Blinn, Ph.D., SEP, OIX
Hilo and Pahoa, HI USA
Ph: 808-961-9200
NARM Certified Practitioners MEXICO
Angelina Cavazos, MDH
Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico
NARM Certified Practitioners CANADA
Patricia Berendsen, RMFT, RSW, SEP
London, Ontario Canada
Sheila Gabel, MA, RCC, SEP
Victoria, British Columbia Canada








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